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How to avoid being part of a Property Chain

21 April 2021

How To Avoid Being Part Of A Property Chain

A property chain is essentially a series of buyers all linked to each other through their property transactions. Person A has bought a property of person B, who in turn is connected to person C...

What Landords MUST remember!

20 April 2021

What Landords Must Remember!

As a property owner it’s worth noting how Leicester landlords and tenants have adjusted their requirements and goals when it comes to lifestyle. The ‘work-life balance’ is born...

The science of space to sell a property

19 April 2021

The Science Of Space To Sell A Property

Dave Alan Kopec, professor at the New School of Architecture and Design in San Diego recently defined space phycology as “ the study of human relations and behaviours within the context of...

When properties get dirty, so does the paperwork!

16 April 2021

When Properties Get Dirty, So Does The Paperwork!

According to recent data cleanliness the number one factor for deposits disputes landlords getting caught up in weeks if not months of arguments and legal ramblings. Latest figures tell us...

Student hacks to work smart, not hard

14 April 2021

Student Hacks To Work Smart, Not Hard

Student life can be manic, that’s why it’s critical to make the most of the time that you have. Some people like to cram and get as much done in one day as possible even if this is...

Score higher with your credit!!

14 April 2021

Score Higher With Your Credit!!

When you hear the words ‘credit score’ what’s the first thing that springs to mind? For those of you relatively free of financial drama it may something fairly mild, at worst a...

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