Prepping for letting

We believe quality properties attract quality tenants, and that means an overall positive experience for each Landlord we take on. We follow a very strict set of guidelines when it comes to hygiene and maintenance utilising a 24hr emergency maintenance and cleaning team to keep all our properties in top notch condition.

We’ve created this guide to help you get the most out of your rental property.

General Condition

All our Electric, Gas and Hot Water systems must be kept in good working order according to the law. Any maintenance carried out will be charged to the landlord’s expense unless misuse can be carried out. Certification for all of the above must be in order and kept up-to-date.


An E rating for the required Energy Performance Certificate is required.


Appliances such like white goods should be in good working order and carry a CE safety mark. PAT testing and certification on electrical appliances must be carried out according to the legal guidelines.


Interior layouts and decor should be of a good standard to attract and keep tenants in their property.


Furnishing must meet all fire safety standards and be in good working order. Unfurnished properties should contain a minimum of a carpet, a cooker and a set of curtains.

Personal Items

Personal items should be removed from the property and certain items should be placed in sealed containers/boxes at the owners discretion. Cupboards and storage space should needs to be for the tenant’s use.


Only residential tenants are required to maintain the garden to a reasonable standard providing the correct equipment is made available.


At the beginning of a new tenancy the property must be in a clean and reasonable condition and this also applies for the conclusion of a tenancy. If this is not so, a professional cleaning service can be supplied by Arch at a reasonable price.

Mail Forwarding

It is not the tenants responsibility to forward mail to recently moved out tenants, this responsibility lies with the Landlord only. We recommend making an application for a redirection service with the local post office or online with a minimal fee included.

Information for the Tenant

For things like running a washing machine, regulating the hot water system, when refuse collection takes place, we recommend leaving your tenant a full set of clear instructions at the property ready for the move in date.


One set of keys for each tenant should be provided, or if Arch is managing the property, a set of keys for our office too.

Private Accommodation Criteria

Bedroom Furnishings

  • A clean bed and mattress
  • A chair and study desk
  • A clothing wardrobe and set of drawers
  • Inclusive curtains or blinds

Communal areas

The appropriate number of seating layout for each tenant


  • Oven complete with Hob
  • Fridge and freezer space appropriate for the number of tenants
  • A washing machine
  • Enough food storage space
  • A usable sink and work surface


  • A working bath/shower with adequate curtain or screen
  • Toilet
  • Clean damage free sink

Or why not let us get your property ready to rent?

With our own in-house maintenance department and a team of approved tradesmen and women, we can transform your investment property into the perfect rental property in no time at all and at super cost-effective rates.

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