Our care team will get to any maintenance issue within 24 hours of you alerting us, and if we’re not able to get there within this timeframe we’ll always make other arrangements. Our care team have a combined 35 years of experience and include plumbers, electricians, builders, plasterers and cleaners. Of course we have to prioritise maintenance issues with the following as an example of what would be considered as a pressing priority:

  • Damage that puts people or building at serious risk
  • Fire alarm system not working
  • Total loss of heating in winter months
  • Total loss of gas supply
  • Total loss of electrical power
  • Loss of water supply or a burst water main
  • Serious water leaks/flooding
  • Insecure outside doors or windows
  • Blocked or leaking foul drain or soil stack
  • Blocked or no-flushing toilet* (if the only toilet in the property

What we would consider as a secondary priority (approx 3 day wait time):

Repairs to defects, which materially affect the comfort or convenience of the residents - within three working days of report of defect.

Examples include:

  • Blocked drains, sinks, basins and toilets* (where there is another one working in the property).
  • Total loss of hot water in summer months (except vulnerable households)
  • Minor plumbing leaks
  • Minor electrical faults
  • Defective flooring or stair treads if causing trip hazard

*Please note that blockages caused by tenants are not included and should be dealt with by tenants.

Reactive repairs not falling within the above categories – within 30 working days of report of defect.

What we would consider as non-urgent priorities (approx 30 day wait time):

Examples include:

  • General joinery repairs, for example easing/adjusting doors and windows
  • Non-urgent electrical work not listed above