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The importance of an Electrically Certified property

8 April 2021

The Importance Of An Electrically Certified Property

  Living in a property whether student, professional or anything in-between must be just that…living. Every landlord has a duty of care to their tenants and the law to ensure a safe...

Building a property portfolio in 6 easy steps

6 April 2021

Building A Property Portfolio In 6 Easy Steps

So here it is, six things to bear in mind when building a propety portfolio:   1. Get your goals in order:   The first thing with any investment is to think about financial...

The Golden era for Leicester Property Sellers

31 March 2021

The Golden Era For Leicester Property Sellers

The Leicester property market, is now stable for   at least the last five years with home sturdiest for at least the last five years with home buyers getting involved with confidence....

Tips for saving for that first house deposit

9 March 2021

Tips For Saving For That First House Deposit

Getting on the first rung of the property ladder can be a Herculean task for first time buyers. As we know, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has extended the Stamp Duty Holiday for...

How to keep your property and your contracts squeaky clean!

1 March 2021

How To Keep Your Property And Your Contracts Squeaky Clean!

According to recent data cleanliness the number one factor for deposits disputes landlords getting caught up in weeks if not months of arguments and legal ramblings. Latest figures tell us...

Student Mental Health; Tips and Resources

26 February 2021

Student Mental Health; Tips And Resources

It's no mystery that the coronavirus has affected everyone in a myriad of different ways. In student communities especially there’s been an additional strain placed in the lives of those of...

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