Being a landlord comes with a certain amount of responsibility. Landlords are legally required to maintain properties to a standard that ensures tenants are living in a safe and healthy environment.

Maintenance repairs are ordered in terms of urgency and should be dealt with by the following timescales:

  • Priority 1 - Emergency 24hrs
  • Priority 2 - Urgent 3 days
  • Priority 3 - Non Urgent 30 days

As well as Mandatory Certification for Gas Safety, Electrical PIR, PAT Testing, Fire Risk Assessment, Grade A & C Fire Alarm Systems, landlords are also responsible for:

  • Central heating a pipe repairs.
  • Removing built up dirt and limescale from the boiler systems
  • Plumbing repairs especially in cold weather where pipes may burst and boilers may stop working
  • Drain unblocking and repairs
  • Repairs to faulty electrical fittings including existing outside security lights
  • Power supply repairs
  • Repairs or replacement of white goods
  • Locksmith fees for entry to property if needed
  • Damage/wear and tear to doors and windows including locking mechanisms
  • The removal of any pest or infestations to home or garden
  • Painting and decorating
  • Tree cutting
  • Fence repair work weather caused by vandalism or environmental factors
  • Gutter clearance and repairs.
  • Repairs and upkeep to fire alarms.
  • Shared drains.