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How Landlords can deal with the downward thumbs!

12 May 2021

How Landlords Can Deal With The Downward Thumbs!

1. Simple stuff first:  As we all know, prevention is better than cure. It sounds obvious but if you want to ensure your business ratings don’t vaporise in a plume of smoke, your...

The proper way to beat a hangover!

5 May 2021

The Proper Way To Beat A Hangover!

1. Firstly the good news:    For reasons not completely understood by science, hangovers get worst with age. Good news when you’re in your twenties. One possible reason is...

Buying your first place…the b******t buster!

29 April 2021

Buying Your First Place…The B******T Buster!

Buying your first home is a big deal and it’s one you remember for the rest of your life. For some of you it’s a case of saving every last penny you had and working round the clock....

From surviving to thriving...Student hacks

26 April 2021

From Surviving To Thriving...Student Hacks

Student culture is regularly hailed as the best and easiest years of a young person’s life with no responsibility and three or more so years of absolute freedom. The reality however can be...

Why Virtual Tours are the Landlord's best friend...

23 April 2021

Why Virtual Tours Are The Landlord's Best Friend...

So let’s start with an observation, the kind Captain Obvious would be proud of: ‘The advent of mobile technology has made society more accustomed to convenience.’ Great....

Your property; From Geek to Chic in 6 steps

22 April 2021

Your Property; From Geek To Chic In 6 Steps

Selling a property like many things in life starts with perception. A good property can have everything going for it, but with negative perception it’ll remain on the shelf gathering dust...

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