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Our best student digs...creative and modern!

2 June 2021

Our Best Student Digs...Creative And Modern!

OK So this may not be a blog per-say but we wanted to showcase our new student properties we proudly call our Fab Four. If you're a student and your'e still looking for somewhere to live you HAVE...

Simple ways landlords can establish themselves in 2021

1 June 2021

Simple Ways Landlords Can Establish Themselves In 2021

Not looking forward to the rest of 2021? Has the pandemic made you rethink your entire business model? Well stick with us for the next few mins as we break down some really simple ways every...

2021...what a year for investors!

27 May 2021

2021...What A Year For Investors!

So,we're almost out of lockdown...ish. Many of us were hoping to of been free by now 2021 finally seeing off the monotone drudgery of 2020. However 2021 has bought highs and lows. Property...

Does your property get a C or above?

24 May 2021

Does Your Property Get A C Or Above?

The united kingdom, as like many other countries has signed a legally binding declaration to become carbon neutral by 2035, just 14 years away. New regulations have been bought forward that...

When life gives you lemons....

21 May 2021

When Life Gives You Lemons....

Ross Counsell, Chartered Surveyor and Director at  Good Move , recently stated: ‘For anyone looking to buy a home during the recession, there’s a lot to weigh up before making the...

The Leicester property boom...a cloudy horizon?

17 May 2021

The Leicester Property Boom...A Cloudy Horizon?

    We’ve been enjoying a solid property in Leicester for some time now and many are happy with the way things are going. However, could potentially dark clouds be gathering...

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