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30 September 2020

Rishi Sunak Unveils Stamp Duty Holiday

What is Stamp Duty?   Stamp Duty, a form of property taxation raises around 12bn according to HM Revenue and Customs Treasury figures. Stamp Duty varies throughout the UK, so those...

25 September 2020

The Coronavirus; What Landlords Need To Know

Reduce the spread: OK firstly, the basics…helping your tenants to stay COVID free. As you’ll all probably know new measures are now being enforced to limit the movement of the UK...

22 September 2020

Six Ways Your Property Can Take Centre Stage

Selling a property like many things in life starts with perception. A good property can have everything going for it, but with negative perception it’ll remain on the shelf gathering dust...

21 September 2020

Returning To University; From Crowds To Bubbles

1.  The new ‘live and learn’ bubble system is comprised from members of shared accommodation. One of the first things many students stress about is what to do if you don’t...

18 September 2020

The Ban On Refusing Dss - Advice To Landlords

Over representation   On the 1st July 2020, district judge Victoria Mark ruled on this latest case in York County Court saying: "Rejecting tenancy applications because the applicant...

17 September 2020

The Coronavirus Myths Busted!

1.  COVID-19 is transmitted in areas with hot and humid climates:   Current understanding of the COVID-19 virus indicates it can live in any part of the world and in any climate....

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