Student Hacks To Work Smart, Not Hard

Posted on: 14 April 2021

Student hacks to work smart, not hard

Student life can be manic, that’s why it’s critical to make the most of the time that you have. Some people like to cram and get as much done in one day as possible even if this is detrimental to their health. When you’ve got a full plate you need to be as efficient as possible. So, to help improve your productivity, we’ve pulled together some top productivity hacks…


1. Press pause:


Student life, like all aspects of life, needs to be a balancing act. The brain relies on down time so that the next round of engagement can be managed. Don’t be tempted to wear the hair shirt all the time and play the martyr, there’s no points for effort, just results and in order to get them you need to study smart not just hard.





2. Sleeeeeep:


If you’d like to know just how bad for your health and study a lack of sleep is, just check out sleep expert Matt Walker on TED: https://www.ted.com/talks/matt_walker_sleep_is_your_superpower?language=en


You’ll be amazed at just how many things can be lost with a lack of 8 hours sleep, life longevity being one of them. The human brain needs between 7-9 hours sleep per night, period. Get a few weeks of good sleeping patterns behind you and watch your study performance and concentration levels go through the roof.


Neglect one of the most important functions of the human physiology and you increase the risk of cancer, heart attacks, Alzheimers, brain fog and cardio vascular performance. In some US learning institutions students who increased their sleep time saw massive improvements in grades, so whatever you do don’t take your sleep lightly.





3. Move your ass:


Exercise has never been more accessible. Whether its training from home Apps or the great University facilities every student has on their doorstep. Find a training regime that suits you and go at it three times a week.


Not only will the regular flow of endorphins help you forget the crappy day you’ve had but extra blood to the brain can help with depression, anxiety and every now and again lead through to creative breakthroughs.





4. You are what you eat:


The trick with diet is to eat the right food at the right time and keep the energy levels flowing nicely. Keep fruit sugars and carbs generally before lunch and avoid processed carbs. Stop with the caffein before late afternoon time and make sure you drink plenty of water. What we mistake for food pangs can sometimes be dehydration as another expression.


Try and snack on nuts or dried fruit between meals to keep the metabolism going and avoid hitting the slumber troughs. Try substituting soft drinks for sugar free cordial mixed with fizzy water, or better yet chop up some ginger root and lemon (or any fruit you fancy), and mixed the crushed pulp with fizzy or still water for a really refreshing alternative.


When you’re out partying remember that clear spirits will leave you with a clearer head the next day, and when you do feel a little green go for high sodium foods like gherkins.





5. Work smart:


Like we said to begin with, there’s no point in working hard without working smart. In the age we live in there’s a thousand ways to get more organised and work more productively. The trick is in keeping it simple and not trying to be too clever. Some people work better on their feet and utilised headphones and the dictate function on their smart phone whilst walking around their local park.


Some people find a precisely scheduled time table via any one of the latest apps available as the best way to keep them focussed. Some prefer basic deadlines entered via their native calendar with pop-up reminders as a more relaxed way to organise work loads.


Whether it’s the more militant approach or something that gives you a little wiggle room, find out how you prefer to be organised and go from there.









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