Being local means a lot to us as we understand how valuable local knowledge is. We’re based in the much sought after Clarendon Park in Leicester, and community known for its pleasant leafy areas, local shops and eateries and friendly, safe community atmosphere.

Like the property game as a whole, letting can be a stressful, so having a reliable team of people that understand what people are really looking for in a home in 2020 is a big deal.

We have a considerable portfolio of sought after properties ranging from our generous luxury apartment range such as our Stoneygate Elms flats, to our quaint victorian terraces for both professional and students alike. There’s never a shortage of great properties to choose from and you’ll always be kept in the loop when you’re on the lookout though our continuously updated portfolio. Our social media presence is active on a daily basis so demand for what we have on offer is always high.

Arch tenants have the security of professionally drawn up tenancy agreements and you can be assured that your rental property is within regulatory safety guidelines and with no hidden rental costs our fees are all fully CAP Compliant.

We have access to a personal care team that oversea maintenance of all kinds so you’ll never be left stranded in winter with no boiler or in summer with no windows!