The Proper Way To Beat A Hangover!

Posted on: 5 May 2021

The proper way to beat a hangover!

1. Firstly the good news: 


For reasons not completely understood by science, hangovers get worst with age. Good news when you’re in your twenties. One possible reason is body composition. As we age fat storage becomes less efficient. Muscle tissue is 75% water, and only 10% fat. The more lean muscle and less fat you have, the better alcohol is absorbed and diluted down. Another reason lays with the liver enzymes that help metabolise alcohol and filter it from the body.


As you age these enzymes become less efficient causing more alcohol, and its negative side effects, to remain in the body for longer. So young people, rejoice age is on your side! However don’t get complaisant, whilst around 25% of 16-24 year olds now class themselves as ‘non drinkers’ alcoholism is a universal problem affecting everyone in different ways.





2. Why are hangovers so painful? 


Believe it or not alcohol isn’t the problem. The problem lies with a specific gut microbe called Erysipelotrichia, which brakes down alcohol in our blood stream and in the process creates an enzyme known as Acetaldehyde. The longer Acetaldehyde is in the body, the more wrecked you feel, it’s that simple. Studies reveal that when certain gut microbes and their toxins are fed to mice, alcohol consumption actually increases which may help explain why it can be so addictive.


Factor in accidents, disorientation and black spots caused as a result of your excess and the entire sorry experience gets worst. How many times have you woke up with a lumpy knee, grazed hands or mysterious bruising that seems to materialise everywhere?


Alcohol related injuries are a result of when what we drink re-engineers the chemical our brain uses to communicate with itself. The chemical known as ‘transmitter fluid’, is a precise cocktail of bio compounds that acts like a magic carpet, transporting each neural impulse along a designated route to where it needs to go.


Ever wondered why you can’t perform simple tasks like talking, scratching your arse or making sweet love to your partner when you’ve had one too many? Imagine it like the neural equivalent of swapping your Ford Focus for a Penny Farthing cycle and attempting to get to to Liverpool via the Spaghetti Junction.





3. Put the odds in your favour 


If you want to put as many odds in your favour as possible to avoid the next morning’s portion of hell, for starters stick to clear-hued drinks like Vodka, Gin or White Rum. Darker-hued drinks like bourbon, dark rum and red wine contain high levels of compounds called Congeners, byproducts of the fermentation process. These compounds get metabolised in to the body via Formaldehyde, a very potent substance who’s toxins have a big effect on the following day’s mood. 


Also try to avoid hyper carbonated drinks like Champagne and Preseco. Fizz may sit well on the tongue but the extra volume of fluid created by the air bubbles means the stomach releases alcohol in to the lower intestine quicker which has a knock on effect on the following day.


Also consider certain pre-happy hour sustenance. A pre-game glass of milf and mixed nuts combination provides fat and protein to line the stomach, Pickles provide sodium, Asparagus provides amino acids to brake down the alcohol, Spinach provides folic acid and Cauliflower helps you load up on vitamin C. For more info on foods click here.





4. Eat for victory! 


OK we’ve touched on the pre hangover foods, but what about post? Take a look at some great recipes we’ve compiled for you from the BBC resource Good Food. They’re drop dead easy to make and will help you find your happy place when all feels lost:


1) Sunday Morning Baked Eggs





2) Brummie Bacon Cakes




3) Ham & potato hash with baked beans & healthy ‘fried’ eggs




4) Creamy mustard mushrooms on toast with a glass of juice



It goes without saying but taking basic steps the next morning can work wonders. As you’re getting ready for the big night out, consider getting all your ducks in a row for the following morning. Buy a big bottle of water, a litre of Coke which you then flatten (yes, seriously flatten the coke by shaking the bottle and loosening the cap repeatedly, or place in a pint glass and microwave for two minutes) and a packet of Ibuprofen. Include some antioxidants like berries, grapes, ginger or dark chocolate and off course some strong espresso grade coffee or tea.


Have your arsenal set out within reaching distance of your bed. Set your alarm a few hours before you need to get up and when the bells of fury sound, drag your bad self out of bed and wash the Ibuprofen down with the water and the flat coke. Throw in a healthy amount of the antioxidants you’ve got to hand and go back to bed for the remaining time. When you wake up, whilst feeling a degree of pain, you’ll at least be well enough to to put one foot in front of the other and get the rest of the recovery process underway.


Well there you have it, hopefully for your next student jolly you’ll be ready for battle. If you’re looking for a great local spot for a good time, Arch Living couldn’t be more ideal. We’re situated in the much sort after Clarendon Park in Leicester. Our properties are situated close to a range of classic bars and restaurants for all your nights out, and the beautiful Victoria Park to aid the next day’s recovery.


If you’re interested call us on 0116 270 6699 and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions!


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