This Is Why We're Dancing The Funky Chicken...

Posted on: 4 February 2021

This is why we're dancing the Funky Chicken...

It’s official. We’re chuffed to pieces, and if you look really closely next time you’re passing our offices on Clarendon Park Road you may well see at least one of us dancing the Funky Chicken in a sudden outburst of glee…all of course in a socially distanced stylee.


The reason behind the poultry is our new Groby Road property. Oh boy. It’s SLICK. It’s MODERN. It’s LIGHT. In fact it’s just plain badass and because it’s so good we wanted to devote an entire blog to just that one property and tell you why we think big, airy, modern spaces are SO important during lockdown and our mental health. But mainly its to just an excuse to show off our pimping crib.


 1. So first of all…space and why it’s so important right now!

Surrounding yourself with space and light is a fairly well known principle in how humans regulate mood and temperament and gives us an answer to why it’s so easy to feel blue on a winter's morning without any particular reason. Our species was never designed for cramped spaces, by nature it makes us paranoid, taking away the ability to see danger such as a predator from a far off and let's face it with Joe Wicks around who doesn't need a bigger living room?!






2.  Never was there a better time to have access to a large outdoor space, one that you can customise in your own way with plenty of room. When temperatures increase you can consider utilising the area for lockdown workouts (when the whether gets better off course!) and just time away from the confines of your interior.




3. With large indoor spaces you’ve got the chance to experiment with bold colours and patterns. Soft natural hues have been scientifically proven to give a sense of tranquility and calm and can help bring a large space inwards giving it a cosier feel.




4.  Bigger properties have a great advantage over smaller ones when it comes to comes to designated areas and rooms. Need to convert a room to an office? No problem. What about a designated ‘no tech zone’ like a conservatory overlooking the outdoors? Need more storage space for clothes and footwear? You’ve got the space so it’s not a problem! 









5. Lastly we come to the kitchen. For some its the most important area of the home, not only because it’s the one place people seem to congregate whenever there’s a party, but it can genuinely govern how and more importantly what we eat. Let’s face it, society is slowly turning more and more health conscious. It’s a great way to stay off boredom and get out the house, and we’re all a little more careful about health and longevity. Big living rooms mean more space for a Jo Wicks workout. Large kitchens with longer surface areas accommodate chopping boards, spice racks and far more chance to make your own meals from fresh. 





To check out our new Groby Road property why not click here and explore it in 3D. It really is the PERFECT place during a lockdown. If you’d like to talk to us about it feel free to call on 0116 270 6699




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