Don't Get Fined...Get Funned!

Posted on: 7 August 2020

1. Gravity Disks:


Your children will love you for this one, as too will most of the adults. They’re called Gravity Spinners, and boy do these things shift. Forget your frisby, aerofoil balls or Aerobies. Gravity disks fly over 65 meters and re-invent the humble game of Catch, Ultimate Frisby, or pretty much any game that involves throwing. Throw a Gravity Disk as though you were skimming a pebble on a pond and you’ll be amazed how far this thing will travel.


Check the promo out here






2. Frozen T-Shirt race:


This game is ideal for the current heatwave and is a huge amount of fun. Soak a load of t-shirts in water, put in plastic bags, and freeze overnight. The following day, hold a race to see who can "defrost" and pull on a frozen t-shirt the quickest.


See the indoor demonstration here





3. Giant Beer Pong:


As you’ve guessed this game comes in both child and adult versions. Simply buy a load of plastic bins from your local Woolworths, arrange yourselves in teams and get throwing. The further away the bin you get the ball in, the higher the points, and in the adult version of the game…the more you'll have to drink.


Check out a vid here








4. Water Balloon Dodgball:


This one is pretty much what it says on the tin…dodgeball but with water balloons. Be careful with aiming above the chest, but other than that it’s a perfect game for a heatwave.


It's pretty obvious but here's a video nevertheless!







5. Squirt Cup Race:


This one normally just ends up in a full on water gun fight, which is great for this time of year anyways. Simply attach a plastic cup to a long piece of string and move the cup along the string to the end by firing water in to the cup. Arrange as many cups/strings as you have players and the first one to push the cup to the end of the string wins! Super soakers work really well for this one, and once you’re board with that…well you know what comes next!





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