Decoration Ideas For Your New Home

Posted on: 24 August 2020

1. Weapon of choice:


OK lets start simple, colour can work miracles. Weather your’e looking to create the illusion of more space, an emotional reaction when a guest enters a room or just distract the eye from years of neglect, a well chosen colour serves as modern day alchemy to the drab and ordinary. Transform dull furniture in to centrepieces, create dramatic wall profiles where they don’t exist or simply frame an area you like in a new and original way. Colour is and always should be your first weapon of choice.





2. Cliptomaniac:


They’re mega cheap and mega mundane which makes them mega original. By using different types of clips to hang pictures from you create an original alternative to bog standard framing and in the process add a touch of the quirky to your verticals. From bulldog clips to coat hangers anything is possible! 




3. Bags of Fun:


If your sofa is looking a little drab and you can’t afford to get a new one, inject some colour and detail with some carefully chosen pillows. Do something original with the cover to create surface detail, or make one out of an old shirt and tie for something really novel! There’s patterned, crochet-ed and even ones that look like slices of fruit.


Make big statements and experiment for maximum effect. Oh and make sure they’re comfortable too!





4. A little something on the side:


Custom bed side tables make for a great look and are very much in vogue. Weather it’s an upturned barrel, a wooden step ladder, an old desk draw, or even an up-cycled crate, the simpler the better.






5. Router router, problem shooter:


As we all know a wireless router is now a staple for the average household. But let’s face it, they’re not exactly pleasing on the eye what with all the spaghetti like mess spilling out the rear. So why not take an old hard backed book and use the cover to hide the main unit! In one swift move your home looks less like your office, and you look a little more intellectual than you might just be. Remember, only use only hard backed books as a copy of Heat doesn’t really have the same effect! 






6. Get the edge:


OK we’re back to colour again, sort of, and for good reason. Possibly the simplest and most effective hack of them all is to paint the edging of your door, archway or even skirting board in a highlight colour to transform something hidden in plain sight to something you can’t forget. It takes five minutes and creates the impression that you have a real eye for detail. 





7. Ike-ahhhh:


Let’s face it, decorating for a new home can attract more moths to your wallet than a lightbulb, which as we know is why God created Ikea. By making a few easy modifications however to Ikea’s cheaper product range, or better yet their in-store bargain basement items, you create entirely new products and get even more meat for your balls! Why not try adding some old rocking horse runners to the base of a cheap Ikea arm chair for a quirky looking rocking chair! Perfect if you're pregnant or trying to make lounging around all day look a tad more active. 


Why not turn your run of the mill Karlstadd sofa in to something with a mid century vibe by creating a tufted effect to the top cushions with buttons and some upholstery twine. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds, take a peek at this YouTube video to see how its done.


You could also transform the look of your Pax Wardrobe by layering the doors with a modern looking wallpaper. We recommend something simple and with a geometric pattern to create an instant feature for your new boudoir.



Renters remember, the austere can be just as chic as up the market and if you forget everything in we’ve given you, just remember that in any decorating effort you must always keep it simple. Forget the way it’s been done in the past, think laterally and you’ll find some great creative solutions.


If you’re thinking of renting in Leicester, Arch Living is situated within a five minute drive of our city centre with it’s plethora of haberdasheries, second hand furniture stores and retro boutiques, all perfect for kitting out your newly rented Arch Living apartment! Not only that but with so many years of experience we can give you all kinds of tips and tricks on decorating your home on a shoestring budget.


Call Arch living today on 0116 270 6699 or leave us a message on our website by clicking here





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